Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the LisaVdesigns Social Media Graphics packages and the services included when you purchase a pack.

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A: Sure thing! These packages include customization. The customization of the graphics package includes: 

  • adjusting the colors to match your brand/business/organization
  • replacing the URL text with your website (or phone number)
  • placing your photos where there are spots for photos included in the layout
  • adding your logo where applicable

A: Your purchase of a customize graphics package includes up to 2 hours of design services to customize the pack of graphics to match your branding. Also, the provision of the flattened final files (JPG and PNG formats) of all 18 graphics—9 square and 9 rectangular (Story) graphics.

A: No. LisaVdesigns will use your provided brand/product photos to replace the example stock photographs. To further build your brand, it is best to have photographs of your own products and services in the graphics. If you are able to use stock photography for your brand, you can search for photos that match your brand’s aesthetic or request additional services for image searching from LisaVdesigns.

A: Nope! You receive flattened JPG/PNG files that are ready to upload and post on the social media platform of your choice. No editing is needed.

A: These packages of graphics are strategically designed with the fonts shown in the example images for each Pack. The included customization is for adding your logo, photos, and brand colors. Changing fonts will be reviewed with your brand aesthetic and the requested font(s); it is an add-on service that has additional fees for the extra level of customization work.

A: Maybe … depending on what service you request. Buying a package WITH customization means I will update the graphics to match your branding (colors + adding your logo, photos, and website / contact information) and send the flattened final files to you. 
If you go to the “custom” page then you are for sure investing in custom graphic design services for a set of social media graphics. In the case of fully custom … we start with a 1-on-1 consultation to define your needs and aesthetic so that your project is an ideal representation of your brand. Then an accurate project pricing and service proposal can be provided to you. With custom graphic design services, you also have access to me via a private project management system for the duration of your project.

A: Yes! Select “custom” from the menu and let me know what you need for your set of social media graphics or other graphic design services (ex: brand identity system development, book cover and interior design, marketing materials, and more).

A: LisaVdesigns is regularly developing new packages of social media graphics. Reach out if you have a request for a set of templates for a specific industry or type of business.

A: Since you are investing in a Pack of Social Media Graphics with customization services from the LisaVdesigns studio, refunds cannot be issued after the purchase is made. If you have questions about a graphics Pack before making a purchase, send questions via the contact form.

A: The typical turnaround time is 3–5 business days; we’ll chat about the next available start date for your package and customization requests. If extra customization services are requested the turnaround estimate will be provided after your request is reviewed.

A: The final files provided to you are yours to use and post as frequently and as many times as you like on any platform. Editing, making changes, or copying the design to create additional graphics is not allowed. The design copyright is owned by LisaVdesigns. Purchase does not grant exclusive use of this design—meaning others can purchase the same Pack and have LisaVdesigns customize the graphics for their brand.Each Pack of Socia Media Graphics is provided under a Commercial License:

  • Individual commercial use
  • Multiple social media accounts
  • Website use
  • Unlimited digital paid ads.

Can not be used:

  • App use
  • Cannot be modified from original.

A: Exclusive means you are the only one that can purchase the licensed rights to use a graphics Pack created by LisaVdesigns—a good option if you want to make sure no one else is using the same design you are using. Let me know what your plans are and I will provide a quote for the needed design fees and a license agreement that covers the appropriate intellectual property rights. After you purchase exclusive rights, that Pack of Social Media Graphics will be removed from the LisaVdesigns shop. If anyone has purchased the Pack prior to an exclusive rights request, they retain the right to continue using the graphics.

A: Go to the “Packages” page, select the set you want, and then click the red “purchase” button.

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Graphic design services are not limited to what is mentioned above; contact LisaVdesigns with custom project inquiries. All fees are non-refundable. All pricing and service package details are subject to change without notice.

LisaVdesigns, LLC retains the right to display all work for portfolio and marketing purposes.